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Arlyn Recruiting

About Arlyn Recruiting

Arlyn Recruiting is legal recruitment, coaching, and consultancy firm. They are honest, transparent and 100% dedicated to ensuring that they find the right fit for their clients.

Arlyn Recruiting Services


Arlyn Recruiting provides recruiting services for the following trades and industries.

  • Legal
  • HR


Arlyn Recruiting covers these regions in Canada

  • British Columbia
  • Vancouver Island
  • Vancouver Coast & Mountains
  • Thompson Okanagan
  • Northern British Columbia

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Office Phone 1+1 604-681-4432
Address625 Howe St #1160, Vancouver, British Columbia, V6C 2T6, Canada
Arlyn Recruiting Review
  • Professionalism - 8.9/10
  • Responsiveness - 8.8/10
  • Expertise - 8.7/10

Arlyn Recruiting Review

Arlyn Recruiting is legal recruitment, coaching, and consultancy firm. They are honest, transparent and 100% dedicated to ensuring that they find the right fit for their clients.

Offered Services:

  • Recruitment Services
  • Consultancy & Coaching Services

Arlyn Recruiting

The staff members are very nice; however, although I understand they represent the employer not the employee (myself), I had a horrible experience on the first day of employment with a company they got me a job with and no one seemed to care about my feedback. I e-mailed Arlyn at the end of my first day asking for them to call me so I could provide them with feedback as I felt it would be helpful for future prospective employees and they replied "I request you give us some time". I followed up three days later to which I received an e-mail saying "I'm out now. Please call me on Monday". I called, no answer and I have not heard from anyone since. For this reason, my experience with Arlyn was they care solely for the employer and do not have an employees best interest in mind.
In my ambitious pursuit of a career whilst climbing my way through several post-secondary credentials, I have reached out to Arlyn Recruiting three times in the past 12 years and each time was placed in an incredible role where I felt valued and appreciated. This firm never ceases to amaze me. Thanks to the entire team for everything that you do, and especially to Stephen and Jean for their leadership in encouraging such a high level of professionalism, consistency, and integrity at Arlyn Recruiting!
I recently immigrated to Vancouver from Ireland and don't often go through the hassle of writing reviews but I am making an exception for Arlyn Recruiting. Not really knowing how to go about utilizing my university degree over here, running low on funds and unsure how to go about getting a job, I reached out to Arlyn recruiting and they secured me a fantastic job in under a week from our initial correspondence! From start to finish, Arlyn Recruiting were absolutely amazing and basically did everything for me, all I had to do was sit the interviews which they organized for me. If you need help getting into the legal sector, contact Arlyn Recruiting, you won't regret it. Special shoutout to Brynn and Stephen for their help!
Not a good recruitment company. Was given 2/3 offers when trying to seek employment through them. Was promised more interviews (in September) and I tried contacting them to see if I had any new offers (Never contacted).

Today I got an email off one of their staff members (who I previously dealt with) after no contact from them for 4 months about an offer, which is nowhere near what I’m currently working as.
My experience with Arlyn Recruiting was the best I've had when it comes to looking for a job. I've been to other recruiters over the years but I found Arlyn had the best approach, they were respectful and went out of their way to make sure that all of my needs were met. They found me the right job and I'm very happy. I highly recommend them.

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