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Proman is a leading recruitment agency across Europe. They only commit to what they can deliver. They achieve their goals through innovative solution-driven recruitment strategies.

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Proman provides recruiting services for the following trades and industries.

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Office Phone 1+44 800 231 5696
Address 442 Flixton Rd, Urmston, Manchester M41 6EY, United Kingdom
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  • Professionalism - 7.8/10
  • Responsiveness - 8/10
  • Expertise - 7.4/10

Proman Review

Proman is a leading recruitment agency across Europe. They only commit to what they can deliver. They achieve their goals through innovative solution-driven recruitment strategies.

Offered Services:

  • Recruitment Services
  • Induction & Training
  • Workforce Management


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PROMAN Manchester & Head Office

Absolutely shocking agency and people no help a tall, very arrogant and have attitude. Tell you they have jobs available with certain times and days then its all different once you register. I recommend nobody to use this useless agency. Plus they let the phone ring out with no answer for hours and there meant to be a job agency? Should be condemned along with the people who work there.
**If I could give zero stars I would for this shambolic company**

I am writing this review on behalf of my wife and her experience with PROMAN (previously known as Heads Recruitment, I guess they changed names due to bad reputation they have).
My wife used to work at Cranswick Continental Foods via Proman in Bury on and off for 18 months.

She used to deal with Pawel (who was considerate and amazing but has left the Bury Proman cabin) and she has recently had dealing with Bruno Rocha (who has replaced Pawel but is completely incompetent with his misinformation) and Bickey Shah (who also has no idea what he is doing).

My wife last pay check from Proman was on 09/06/22 and received her P45 08/07/22 and didn’t receive her holiday pay.

She called Pawel’s number (Proman business number) 21/10/22 and Bickey Shah answered advising Pawel is no longer working on the Bury site, she advised Bickey Shah she is outstanding her holiday pay and wanted this paying before our holiday, he didn’t know of anything as he recently started with Proman so we emailed him her last payslip which stated her annual leave remaining. He stated he would speak to his colleague and Proman head office. He asked us to come on the 31/10/22 to discuss this further as he stated there was no outstanding holiday pay, we were unable to do so as our flight was booked on the 31/10/22.

Then we were in contact with Bruno/Bickey from the 30/11/2022 until to 22/12/22 to get this resolved, Bickey stated the holiday pay was paid on the 1/11/11 then we even attended the Bury Proman cabin at Cranswick and spoke to Bruno advising of this situation regarding the outstanding holiday pay we showed him the last pay slip and the outstanding annual leave he said this was only worth 2 and half days we disagreed with him on this but he was unable to assist. He stated he will contact head office (he was unwilling to provide me a contact number of anyone in the head office) to get more information then after week we called Bruno he stated the holiday pay was paid on the 11/11/22 we advised the information from him and Bickey was contradicting each other and we could provide proof we haven’t received the payment. He said we would re-raise this with head office and stated us attending site wouldn’t progress this further I asked again for a number of head office and he still refused to provide any details. Then after a week finally he stated the holiday pay was outstanding and it was 39.94 hours (over weeks pay) £366.45 my Mrs disagreed with amount she stated she is owed additional pay (+1 more week and 5 hour of pay on top of the 39.94 hours) but Bruno stated he can only go off head office state, Bruno refused to provide me his line manager name and stated the complaints process is on Proman website (I am unable to find this link/form).

Bruno is unable to perform his duties, he has no knowledge of processes, all questions posed to him he was unable to provide a valid answer or state “I don’t know”, Bickey just follows Bruno commands and is unable to get information from head office himself or think for himself.

I even tried to contact Proman head office myself raised a query on their website and haven’t for 4 weeks+ and even emailed Jess Begg twice haven’t heard anything, I called their number and there is no option to speak to anyone regarding complaints just options for vacancies. My Mrs even got a miss call from one of their recruitment team and we called them back the individual had no idea why she was called and we asked for help on the complaint they were unable to assist me.

I believe Proman love to deal with customers who's first language is not English and like to take advantage of them when it comes to challenging processes/procedures and avoid speaking to them direct, avoid this company and find another decent recruiter.
Selfish, inept and straight up scum bags, rejecting a holiday request only to be told I'm not needed 3 hours AFTER my shift starts for the full week and then don't pay me the holidays I request for, I'm sorry but that's just straight up wrong!! But so long as they get there Xmas bonus and party, forget the staff we employ right!?!, I can't unrecommended them enough, stay well away!
Dont never ever use these they told me to go there for induction I could not find the place so I phoned a women's called shzaima telling her which way shall I go she picked up then the phone then put it down so I text her instead no text back these people are rude and supposed to be professionals just use people to get there information don't even deserve a 1 star😴😴
Time wasters from the look of things. Had me register then I've been strung along for weeks with promises of work by email and text from someone called Rory. Impossible to speak with anyone as they don't reply when I respond. Don't waste your time with these..

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