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Babich & Associates

Babich & Associates

About Babich & Associates

Babich & Associates is a team of more than 20 professional recruiters. With specific expertise in the industries, they dominate the markets.

Babich & Associates Services 


Babich & Associates provides recruiting services for the following trades and industries.

  • Accounting & Finance
  • HR
  • Administrative
  • Real Estate
  • Information Technology
  • Legal
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Technical
  • Engineering
  • Architecture & Interior Design


Babich & Associates covers these regions

  • California
  • Texas
  • New York
  • Florida
  • New Jersey
  • Houston
  • Dallas
  • Orlando

Contact Babich & Associates

Office Phone 1 +1 214-823-9999
Address6030 E Mockingbird Ln, Dallas, TX 75206,  United States
Babich & Associates Review
  • Professionalism - 8/10
  • Responsiveness - 7.8/10
  • Expertise - 7.7/10

Babich & Associates Review

Babich & Associates is a team of more than 20 professional recruiters. With specific expertise in the industries, they dominate the markets.

Offered Services:

  • Recruitment Services

Babich & Associates

I had a very good experience with Babich and Associates. John Hyer found me some fantastic opportunities and was with me every step of the way. He is very responsive and professional and gave great advice. I ultimately landed a new job after very little time on the market. The company was very rigorous in the interview process, so the available training materials and personalized coaching from John were extremely valuable. Would highly recommend Babich to others.
I have just accepted a Job Offer to begin my new position soon (FEB 2022). An Offer otherwise not available except for the work of Babich & Associates. The expertise and depth of knowledge, in addition to the candidate resources, brought by Babich, resulted directly in the offer I received, no question.
As I start my new position, I recommend highly their work in support of the candidate's job search.
Satisfied Customer
Gary Katz is a true professional! He sets you up for success by giving you access to interview prep courses, as well as, going over some key points with you personally. He communicates with you and the prospective employer throughout the entire interviewing process. Giving feedback at each junction, making sure that you and the employer are truly compatible. If you are looking for new opportunities, I highly recommend Gary Katz at Babich & Associates.
I wasted time meeting with Sharon Emiliano years ago at this place. they owe me a refund for my wasted time and gas. I have over a decade of banking experience and found a job on my own. the recruiter never followed up with me on anything and never bothered returning my call or email after I wasted time meeting her in person and filling out their garbage paperwork. Recruiter gives jan 6 insurrectionist vibes. do NOT waste your time. I found a bank job on my own. also I have requested multiple times to be taken off their email lists and I keep getting spam emails from them.
Gary Katz is highly conscientious and a true professional. He took the time to understand my nuanced goals and successfully connected me with the right opportunity at the right time. He provided the ideal combination of thorough communication and timely advice. Thanks Gary!

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