Austin Staffing, Inc.

Austin Staffing, Inc.

About Austin Staffing, Inc.

Austin Staffing, Inc is a privately owned agency with over 30+ years of Staffing Industry experience. They care deeply about the successes and comfort of job-seekers. 

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Austin Staffing, Inc. provides recruiting services for the following trades and industries.

  • Administrative
  • Accounting
  • Contact Center
  • Design & CAD
  • Engineering
  • Production & Assembly
  • Medical


Austin Staffing, Inc. covers these regions

  • Texas
  • Austin
  • Dallas
  • Tarrant

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Office Phone 1  +1 512-647-8233
Address 14205 N Mopac Expy #330, Austin, TX 78728, United States
Austin Staffing, Inc. Review
  • Professionalism - 7.9/10
  • Responsiveness - 7.5/10
  • Expertise - 7.1/10

Austin Staffing, Inc. Review

Austin Staffing, Inc is a privately owned agency with over 30+ years of Staffing Industry experience. They care deeply about the successes and comfort of job-seekers.

Offered Services:

  • Recruitment Services

Austin Staffing, Inc

This company in Austin has left me with nothing but negative impressions. I strongly advise against entering into a contract with them. My experience working with this company for two years was highly unsatisfactory. They disregarded vacation pay and took weekend work for granted.

Upon joining, I was not informed about many labor laws in America, which worked against me. After two years of dedicated work, I was eventually notified—not on a workday, but afterwards—that the client had decided to downsize the staff, and as of the next day, I was no longer employed. No compensation was provided for the abrupt termination, and despite assurances of my good performance, the company simply let me go without proper compensation or support for future employment.
I have a history with this staffing agency. They placed me in the work from home program under one of their employers. They told me again and again that they would relay that my son is physically and mentally disabled to my employer. They called me and told me 3 times that they said they understood, that’s why I even took the job to begin with. Quite a few months go down the line, and I thought that I should call in and get an LOA for my son. Nock Edwards immediately denied me and basically berated me, saying how it’s almost impossible for my son to have doctor’s visits the same day or the next day and not have it next week. I was honestly shocked. It’s as plain as day that she doesn’t understand what goes on in a disabled person’s life. She then went on to say as long as I showed doctor’s notes, I would be fine. I guess not, considering they (my employer) terminated me. I felt like I was being personally attacked and my son was too. It’s quite clear that they don’t care about people with special needs or taking care of a special needs dependent. My spouse was sitting right next to me when this occurred, so I have a witness. I find it convenient that they suddenly don’t record phone conversations when something this serious happens.
People need to know that this is a temp agency, not a career. They will get you a job that's currently available. In my case, I elected to do a customer service job for the time being. Onboarding, interview, and a typing test later, I started working for the client during Labor Day week when everyone was off. Apparently, the people that worked there haven't noticed that I started on a holiday, so I hit my 40 the first week and got paid for it.

Training was simple, and eventually you get the PK during the last hour of the shift. Lunch was 1 hour, which was nice. Then COVID hit and we all were working from home. A few months into the lockdown, I decided that it's best to quit and move on due to personal stress. Benefits were subpar, but I didn't expect much from a temp agency. Returned the badge about a year later due to the lockdown when it was safe to do so.

In all, I did learn some skills even after I left and working with the game tickets and keeping my game account to play was a plus. Just moving into the graveyard shift was the hard part of working there, and it shows.
I happened to come across Austin Staffing online in February and was connected with Mr Todd Reeves who found the perfect position for me within the matter of a day.
I am so happy to say I have now been hired on full time with the company! I will miss everyone at Austin Staffing, they are wonderful and I can’t thank them enough! I absolutely recommend reaching out to them if you are in need of a job!
My experience working with Austin Staffing was amazing! Juan Bethencourt (recruiter) was so attentive and detailed in his search for the right fit for me, the process was very easy and there was great communication and direction, he was incredibly helpful when it came to the interview process of the company I’m now part of!

Thank you so much Austin Staffing!

Valentina Ramirez.

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