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Horizon Staffing Solution

Horizon Staffing Solution

About Horizon Staffing Solution

Horizon Staffing Solutions is a New York City-based staffing firm. At Horizon Staffing Solutions, they understand the difficulties involved with finding good employees. That is why they search harder and longer to find qualified candidates.

Horizon Staffing Solution Services


Horizon Staffing Solution provides recruiting services for the following trades and industries.

  • Allied Health
  • Customer Service
  • Light Industry
  • Office Support
  • Sales & Marketing


Horizon Staffing Solution covers these regions

  • New York NY
  • California
  • Florida
  • Manhattan
  • Brooklyn
  • Queens
  • Staten Island
  • Long Island
  • Westchester

Contact Horizon Staffing Solution

Office Phone 1+1 516 719 4080
Address 20 Jerusalem Ave, Hicksville, NY 11801, United States
Horizon Staffing Solution Review
  • Professionalism - 7.4/10
  • Responsiveness - 7.2/10
  • Expertise - 6.5/10

Horizon Staffing Solution Review

Horizon Staffing Solutions is a New York City-based staffing firm. At Horizon Staffing Solutions, they understand the difficulties involved with finding good employees. That is why they search harder and longer to find qualified candidates.

Offered Services:

  • Recruitment Services

Horizon Staffing Solutions

This company does not deserve even 1 star. A woman named ALEIGHA contacted me for an interview for a billing position. The first red flag was that they did not have an open office to conduct the interview the first part of the interview was at a dirty and disgusting table on their main floor outside of the elevator. Then she proceeds to tell me that although I am qualified for the billing job that she thinks I would be better in recruitment.....huh???? Talk about bait switching. She then has me interview with another manager, just to tell me that the recruiting manager isn't in and they would give me a call. I never received that call because I am almost positive none of these positions even existed. They are probably just stealing peoples information and selling it. Super super super shady business!!!!!
When i logged into the employee portal. Someone elses banking info was there in place of mine. When i called horizon about this they blamed it on me. Saying i was supposed to fill out a direct deposit form.

I already had emailed them my bank account number and routing number. This doesn't explain how a totally different routing #, checking account and the bank name were all wrong.

Also they i kept asking when the job assignment would end and they just gave me the run around. One day they just told me to not come in to work, and the next day, they told me the assignment ended.
I originally put in for a companionship per diem position but when I applied I was not aware it was a staffing agency. I decided to go through with the process because I needed a job . I paid $55 for a drug test which I passed . I was told I would be reimbursed once I started working . Once a week sometimes twice a week I would call Anthony to find out when I would start the position . 3 months and I was getting the run around . I contacted him asking is there any position you can give me because I wasted $55 . Finally they was able to give me a factory position which of course paid minimum wage but the job was a relaxing job so I’ll give them a thumbs up for that . After waiting 3 months of course I had to still survive so of course I was working another part time job . I received my job offer with benefits and it paid way more than there job . Long story short I ended up leaving the agency . Did I feel I had a commitment no because I was the one waiting 3 months . If I knew I wasn’t going to be hired at a position right away I wouldn’t have paid no $55. Upon leaving the agency they made me feel like I was trash . Rudely saying if I knew you was only staying 3 weeks I would’ve never found you a position. Really you was going to take My $55 and run ? The other staff rudely said oh so your just going to screw us over . At the end of the day this agency didn’t hold up there end of the bargain either so don’t treat staff bad with departure . I’m pretty sure this agency will say this isn’t true but let me just say this I have receipts of when I started employment and when I first did the drug test . Not only that I have my call log to prove how many times a week I called . I don’t normally do reviews but if I do trust me I’m telling the truth . Would I recommend this agency if you need a minimum wage factory job that you plan on working for the rest of your life yes . We’re they very nice yes until my departure.
Would rate zero stars if possible.

Months ago, I applied for a companion / patient sitter vacancy in a hospital and paid $55 out of my own pocket for a required drug test that I passed that they said would be refunded once I started work. As a nursing student and CNA, Anthony led me to believe that I was the ideal candidate and I left hopeful for a start.

A few weeks later with no contact they pulled what appeared to be a bait-and-switch offering a position unloading trucks in a warehouse quite a distance from where I live.

Refused, as this was not the role that I applied for nor something that I was even remotely interested in. I could earn more at Walmart or at any other retailer if I wanted to.

Never been contacted since and suspect that the job I applied for never existed.

Unless you want to waste your time and waste your money, I wouldn't recommend registering with this sham business. Go elsewhere.
Horizon Staffing has ok assignments but i waited two weeks for a two days check since 8/22/17. I went in to go get my check that friday my agent told me to contact him monday (labor day) smh. Then i called him thru the week just to get a run around and left voice messages with no return call. So in closing..Now after arguing with Nancy Diaz the "Staffing agency manager" this morning about my little two days pay. I now have to wait another whole week making it 3 weeks. So my advice to you if your thinking about getting a job here. Make sure your time sheets go in or you wont get paid.

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