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About Kinetic PLC

Kinetic PLC is an employee-owned business Kinetic plc provides Recruitment and Human Resource services to the U.K and worldwide manufacturing, engineering, and technical markets.

Kinetic PLC Services


Kinetic PLC provides recruiting services for the following trades and industries.

  • Management & Professional
  • Skilled & Trades
  • Industrial


Kinetic PLC covers all regions of the UK.

  • Wales.
  • North East.
  • North West.
  • Yorkshire and the Humber.
  • West Midlands.
  • Scotland
  • Northern Ireland.
  • East Midlands.

Contact Kinetic PLC

Office Phone 1+44 161 872 2333
AddressThe Lancastrian Office Centre, 3rd Floor Duckworth House, Talbot Rd, Stretford M32 0FP, UK
Kinetic PLC Review
  • Professionalism - 5.5/10
  • Responsiveness - 5.5/10
  • Expertise - 5.8/10

Kinetic PLC Review

Kinetic PLC is an employee-owned business Kinetic plc provides Recruitment and Human Resource services to the U.K and worldwide manufacturing, engineering, and technical markets.

Offered Services:

  • Recruitment Services


  • REC Member
  • Member of British Chambers of Commerce
  • Quality System Certification ISO 9001


Kinetic Plc

Systems works fine, until you have problem. Classic agency where they hear ,what they want to hear. The amount of stress and arguing on phone I had to withstand was way to over the top, although problem could be solved in 1 min. Absolutely unprofessional manners, where they make personal attack on you and are surprised that you swear back.
Big shout out for Vicky who in the end even lied to owner of company that they paid me my money. She made error and erased my contract even tho I quite don't remember I agreed on that, neitherless she should tell me and not do it on her own personal preference so I know I'm not working next week ...
Luckily I had owners number and he was so great pay me from his bank account.
She wont let you talk, making up stories and has no problem on hang up on phone.
I just hate when people cant keep business on professional manner. It's just job Vicky so don't be surprised if people get upset speaking to you. Try to see in from their perspective. I will not work for free, because you suck at what you do.
Very lazy - absolutely NO GO agency.
Keep in mind you are not the only one in business in Manchester.
Would advise anyone to stay away from this completely unprofessional and unethical agency unless you enjoy being lied to and having your time wasted. They lie about jobs, make you spend hours in their offices filling out forms including tax forms and signing a lot of contracts to prepare you for a ‘start date’ in a couple of days that never appears. As soon as you leave instead of even being told that a job is no longer hiring or you’re not being selected for it they will ignore all your emails and calls. I will be taking my complaints further but just wanted to let anyone who is looking for work know they should be avoided at all costs.
In Cheshire you will not find better agency. Payments on time any issues sorted quickly. Thanks to Claudia ,Adam and Rob . Quality nice one to every person on site in Chester
Seemed okay to deal with, was due to start a role but due to unavoidable circumstances (never happened before) I was unable to make the specified date. They ignore my emails now, which is sort of understandable but lack of feedback is also unprofessional for an agency.
After they seen my CV they contact me Absolutely the best agency ever worked with the company Kinetic and the staff very helpful friendly approachable i Have enjoyed working with them thank You so much for everything even Helped me gain Permanent Contract Paige Lucy and Steve form a strong best team see individuals ability to sucess definitely recommend Staffs to Join Kinetic Plc

M Abdullahi

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