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About Forrest Recruitment

Forrest Recruitment is a well-established independent recruitment company, which specializes in selecting and placing permanent and temporary office and commercial staff.

Forrest Recruitment Services


Forrest Recruitment provides recruiting services for the following trades and industries.

  • Accountancy
  • Commercial
  • Finance
  • Secretarial


Forrest Recruitment covers all regions of the UK.

  • Wales.
  • North East.
  • North West.
  • Yorkshire and the Humber.
  • West Midlands.
  • Scotland
  • Northern Ireland.
  • East Midlands.

Contact Forrest Recruitment

Office Phone 1+44 161 236 3600
AddressYork House, 20 York St, Manchester M2 3BB, United Kingdom
Forrest Recruitment Review
  • Professionalism - 6.6/10
  • Responsiveness - 7.1/10
  • Expertise - 7.1/10

Forrest Recruitment Review

Forrest Recruitment is a well-established independent recruitment company, which specializes in selecting and placing permanent and temporary office and commercial staff.

Offered Services:

  • Recruitment Services

Forrest Recruitment

I rang the agency asking if they had any vacancies available to suit my experience they had me in an interview the following day where then I was offered a permanent position the same day.

Great response times and really helpful from Amy and Ramzia would highly recommend this agency.
Honestly I would recommend this company big thanks to Electra she helped me to get all paperwork to get book for the job also booking shifts.
Wouldn’t recommend this company. I had a girl from the office called Alicia who dealt with my application. She was very unprofessional, she said she was going to put my name forward for an admin role and I even went into the office to speak to her. I rang her several times for updates and I was told that she wasn’t available, Alicia didn’t bother to call nor email me with updates but instead after chasing her on several occasion she told some in the office to tell me that the job was gone when I called to speak to her again. I understand that the job was no longer vacant but Alicia didnt bother to give any updates which I find very unprofessional. I managed to find myself a job and it’s been a month today, am all settled in then someone from Forrest recruitment called over a month today to ask if am still looking for a job. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY AT ALL!
I read a job advertisement and it instructed to contact someone to speak about a vacancy - I did, only to be told to send my CV over, my re-entry to work due to ill health retirement requires a serious and detailed conversation because I am not unemployed - I did send my CV over and no one has called - this it the type of contempt that work agencies are renowned for in the way they treat people. I have always thought Brook Street were the worst of recruitment agencies but Forrest are catching up fast.
Placed me into a job quite quickly. However the job was an incredibly bad experience, thrown completely in at the deep end. No training, only one on front desk with no access to anything I needed on my first day. Was having a functioning panic attack for most of the day with no escape, just a complete shambles. Maybe others could handle that, but I'm out here with ptsd and autism just feeling like I'm going to die but looking completely fine, till I got home and had a meltdown. It was really really bad form on behalf of the employer and honestly my worst job experience to date. Not even any mention of confidentiality when working with patients medical records. I tried to reiterate this to the recruiter and they were very sharp and unempathetic, making sure to discount my experiences as if they were untrue and be completely unsupportive. Pulled out from the job but also the agency, if the placements have no awareness of peoples disabilities or just general care for employees that's one thing and the agency is not necessarily in control of that, but seems like the attitude of the agency aswell (or at least the recruiter I was assigned too) .

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