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Opilio Recruitment

About Opilio Recruitment

Opilio Recruitment is a Digital Marketing Recruitment specialist. For a decade, they have worked with some amazing brands across the London market.

Opilio Recruitment Services


Opilio Recruitment provides recruiting services for the following trades and industries.

  • Digital Marketing


Opilio Recruitment covers these regions.

  • UK

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Office Phone 1+ 44 20 7183 7145
Address48 Charlotte St, London W1T 2NS, United Kingdom
Opilio Recruitment Review
  • Professionalism - 5/10
  • Responsiveness - 5.5/10
  • Expertise - 6/10

Opilio Recruitment Review

Opilio Recruitment is a Digital Marketing Recruitment specialist. For a decade, they have worked with some amazing brands across the London market.

Offered Services:

  • Recruitment Service

Opilio Recruitment

unfortunately I have to give a bad review. After a good start, the Opilio recruiters completely disappeared - they didn't reply to my emails and phone calls - and I had to set up interviews with the potential employer by myself. We had a few misunderstandings, ex. Opilio told me to complete a case study by Friday while the client didn't want it before the next Monday. They promised an interview for a blog post, I took time off to do that but they never called on the appointment day.
I was quite happy initially when these guys got in touch and put me forward for an exciting jobs, went to the interview and found out that the job description I was sent by recruiter was not actually what client was looking for, I only found this out at the end when I asked what the targets will be, explained this to recruiter who simply said they were simply covering for another consultant so ....improvements for Ophilio :

*make sure that you have checked with your client what type of person they are looking for and what the targets will be and make sure it's explained to the candidate so that they can prep for the job appropriately.

*dont cover someone else's work if you don't know the client or at least check the job description is Upto date when prepping candidate for interview
I received a voicemail message from one of their consultants who wanted to talk to me about a job opportunity. I phoned back twice but each time I was told that the consultant was on the other phone line. Therefore I left a message with my contact details but the consultant never phoned back. What is the point of phoning me to ask to discuss a job opportunity if you then refuse to talk to me when I call back?
Fantastic recruitment consultancy, got me into 2 great roles now with speed and professionalism, I certainly have no intention of looking anywhere else for future help in looking for work. The great people at Opilio and always friendly, professional and most importantly excellent when it comes to finding the right work for you in no time at all.
Very friendly and helpfull. Great advice on how to improve CV and portfolio. 5/5

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