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The Duval Associates is a local recruiter dedicated to providing outstanding, imaginative recruitment solutions at affordable rates.

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Duval Associates provides recruiting services for the following trades and industries.

  • Sales Recruitment
  • Marketing Recruitment
  • Accounting & Finance Recruitment
  • Technical & Manufacturing Recruitment


Duval Associates covers all regions of the UK.

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Office Phone 1+0208 191 9503
Office Phone 2+44 191 486 2156
Address4th Floor, 169 Piccadilly, London, W1J 9EH, United Kingdom
Duval Associates Review
  • Professionalism - 7.1/10
  • Responsiveness - 6.5/10
  • Expertise - 6.5/10

Duval Associates Review

The Duval Associates is a local recruiter dedicated to providing outstanding, imaginative recruitment solutions at affordable rates. Helping SME and start-up business find the best talent to fit the company and team profiles, across the UK.

Offered Services:

  • Recruitment Service

Duval Associates Ltd

Jessica Carney has been extremely supportive throughout the time we have worked together. This is my first time working with a recruiter and it has been such a positive experience, in fact Jess has effectively helped me improve my interviewing techniques and helped me gain more confidence. She is extremely supportive and patient, and I have enjoyed my time working with her.
The interview process with Duval was extremely quick and the response / outcome is always quick.
I don't normally leave reviews particularly negative ones but I had to comment here about an experience in a job search via Duval Associates.

I cannot say I was met with any form of professionalism throughout the process and that the information I provided was unnecessarily questioned on 2 occasions, not forgetting the mentioning of self-confidence. I thought the whole point of a recruiter contacting you was to get to know you and your aims in what you're specifically looking for in a new job, not become personal and put you down but there we are.

I'm a professional human being who has had many years in successfully preparing and conducting myself pre-interview, post interview and ultimately secured roles. To be met with a passive aggressive email of supposed bullet pointed 'interview tips' an evening before said interview - for example I don't think 'play the game' and 'don't bad mouth your current company' was received all too well. I'm not fresh out of college needing to know the simple basics either. Not to mention during this process of the potential violation of privacy in my job hunt.

I think it very much depends on the members of Duval you'd be dealing with here and not tarnishing all members with the same brush, as there are some very successful reviews in other cases.

It's a small warning that this experience alone can ring alarm bells on a candidate's side to what is already a stressful experience is unnecessarily being made more stressful. Not to mention the age old rule of, it takes one bad experience with a company for you to never return.

Edit: I wouldn't say the above is vague, it's feedback direct from a candidate to you as the recruiter for you to note and ensure that going forwards professionalism and thought in choice of words and manner is just as important and duly noted by the candidate at all times.
Thank you
It was super enjoyable, simple and gratifying working with Duval Associates, and specifically Jess- she went above and beyond what I expected, providing both a strong professional experience but also consistently making me feel warm and supported in the most personable of manners. With Jess' help, I got an amazing job I truly wanted, and she never let me walk into an interview without feeling less than 100%! I've never experienced another professional who checks in with you from the from the first point of contact to the last as attentively as Jess, would recommend Duval time and time again! Thank you so much for everything 🙂
It’s not often you find such a proactive and amazing bunch to deal with while job hunting! Finding work is often stressful and a distressing time so when you stumble upon Duval you can cheer up because they are just awesome. Helpful and friendly start to finish and they really care about your journey and finding the right role for you. I wouldn’t hesitate to approach them again and will recommend them no problem. Thank you team for your amazing attention to detail, your care and thoughtfulness!
A very welcoming amazing company full of professional and kind people. After being made redundant in a previous role I was given the pleasure of working with a lovely lady Jess Carney who helped me find the perfect role during the current pandemic which I thought would be impossible to do! However Jess done her upmost and within a few weeks I was successful in getting a new job that I love. Jess interacted with me daily keeping me up to date with my interview process and talking me through practise questions and ideas to speak about when at the interview. I can not thank Jess enough for putting in such hard work even after work hours and determination in helping me. Jess is an absolute superstar and a great asset to Duval Associates!!

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