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SGP Technology

About SGP Technology

SGP Technology is a digital recruitment firm based in the middle east. Its mission is to build and support the world’s largest community of technology talent.

SGP Technology Services  


SGP Technology provides recruiting services for the following trades and industries.

  • Information Technology
  • Software Development
  • Human Resource
  • Data Science


SGP Technology covers these regions

  • Dubai
  • Abu Dhabi
  • Sharjah
  • Ajman
  • Umm Al-Quwain
  • Fujairah
  • Ras Al Khaimah

Contact SGP Technology

Office Phone 1+971 4 455 8778
AddressBoulevard Plaza, Tower 1 – Level 3 – Downtown Dubai – Dubai  UAE
SGP Technology Review
  • Professionalism - 4.1/10
  • Responsiveness - 3.9/10
  • Expertise - 3.7/10

SGP Technology Review

SGP Technology is a digital recruitment firm based in the middle east. Its mission is to build and support the world’s largest community of technology talent.

Offered Services:

  • Recruitment Service

SGP Technology

Indeed, It was a wonderful experience to attend the event yesterday and to get to know such amazing personalities which are expert in their field.
I also gained a lot of knowledge on the importance of creating resumes and LinkedIn profiles, and I wholeheartedly urge everyone to take advantage of this chance to discover their ideal employment with the help of encouraging and helpful advise from the event.
You guys are actually doing an amazing job for free, which is really admirable, appreciating and helpful for the job seekers.
I wish you success in your purpose, the expansion of your business because the care and values you're bringing back to the community, and the spreading of happiness throughout society, it's incredible.
I have had one of the best experience with SGP Technology from day one and looking forward to fruitful association. Special thanks to Spoorthi and Dieta. Both of them are very professional, supportive and responsive. Spoorthi, conducted the interview process with utmost transparency and timely updates, which helped me gain confidence in taking the big step of moving to Dubai. Dieta helped me throughout the onboarding process which includes visa processing, employment contracts, flight tickets, many more formalities( about which I didn't know a thing). She is very energetic, responsive and someone you can rely on when it comes to anything related to onboarding. There were times when I was nervous and getting on her nerves for updates, but she handled everything very patiently and politely.

Thanks Spoorthi and Dieta.
Hi Team, My name is Vijay Israni. I have one year experience in IT recruitment. I am looking for job in Dubai. Please help ,Now I am in India. I am planning to relocate in Dubai +917891404325
They are the one of the finest recruiting firm based out of Dubai and my experience with them is fantastic. Especially HR executive Mr. Ali I am really very thankful to him. I would like to extend my gratitude to Dieta. She did wonderful things and support to me to get my visa and other onboarding formalities. I obligated to mention that she is extremely patient, helpful and responsive. She replied my queries during in weekends and non office hours that build my confidence. I salute her professionalism.
Maybe it's not in my interests to burn bridges here as I'm currently open to opportunities, but I have to say that I have been dealt with unprofessionally by this recruiter.

Their approach to working with candidates appears to be very 'smash and grab'. One recruiter reached out to me on LinkedIn about a prospective role, we had a screening call, and she requested to see my cv.

In return for sharing my cv and making several follow-ups about the role, all I got was but blanket silence. If I'm not a suitable candidate or the role has been filled, at least tell me so. You're the one who has contacted me, so why am I having to chase?

I have to call out Natalie Mills in this regard.

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