Talent Search People

Talent Search People

About Talent Search People

Talent Search People is a recruitment and human resources agency located in Spain They believe in people’s potential for the development and growth of companies.

Talent Search People Services


Talent Search People provides recruiting services for the following trades and industries.

  • Information Technology
  • Project Management
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Digital & Creative
  • Human Resource
  • Software Development
  • Customer Service
  • Finance
  • Legal
  • Engineering
  • Pharma


Talent Search People covers these regions

  • Barcelona
  • Bilbao
  • Madrid
  • Seville
  • Valencia
  • Lisbon
  • Athens

Contact Talent Search People

Office Phone 1+34 932 31 00 00
Address C. del Consell de Cent, 425, 6ª planta, 08009 Barcelona, Spain
E-mail info@talentsearchpeople.com
Talent Search People Review
  • Professionalism - 8.7/10
  • Responsiveness - 8.6/10
  • Expertise - 8.3/10

Talent Search People Review

Talent Search People is a recruitment and human resources agency located in Spain They believe in people’s potential for the development and growth of companies.

Offered Services:

  • Recruitment Services

Talent Search People

I had the pleasure of working with the recruiter named Ruben throughout my job search process, and I cannot speak highly enough of his professionalism and dedication. From the initial contact to securing the job offer, Ruben provided exceptional support every step of the way.

His communication skills were outstanding, keeping me informed and updated throughout the entire process. He was always available to answer any questions or address any concerns I had, making the entire experience smooth and stress-free.

Thanks to Ruben's efforts, I am now thrilled to be embarking on a new journey in my career. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking employment opportunities!
Top company for hiring people. I had the opportunity of working with Ruben he was the first contact to the Company. He’s one of the most committed and experienced hiring persons I ever met in my 27 years of career. They follow you up during the whole process until you get the contract. Everything was super smooth with the help of Ruben. Thank you very much. Services of Talent Search People are extremely recommended!!!
My experience with talent search was great. Rubén was the one who helped me with my selection process and he was so sweet and helpful, he calmed me when I was nervous for interviews, he always responded very quickly and was very nice to talk to. I really recommend.
I had a very good experience with Talent Search People in Barcelona. After I send my phone number to a collegue, a recruiter, Ruben, called me the following day with information about the position. He set up an interview with the company, and even did a quick session with me by phone right before my interview. My compliments about the professionalism of the recruiter. I give them my greatest recommendation and gratitude!
The services provided by Talent Search People are simply amazing. I found myself in a situation were I was desperated to find a job in spain which is not my home country and after asking for their help, they listened to my needs and provided me with the perfect job matching my expectations!
Thank you so much Ruben for your kindness and your precious support 🙏😊

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