Monroe Consulting Group

Monroe Consulting Group

About Monroe Consulting Group

Monroe Consulting Group is a leading provider of senior human resource capital, specializing in servicing the world’s emerging economies within different industries.

Monroe Consulting Group Services


Monroe Consulting Group provides recruiting services for the following trades and industries.

  • Information Technology
  • Digital Marketing
  • Human Resource
  • Business Support
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Accounting & Finance


Monroe Consulting Group covers these regions

  • Malaysia
  • Kuala Lumpur
  • Penang
  • Malacca.
  • Ipoh
  • Lahad Datu
  • Kota Kinabalu.
  • Kota Bharu
  • Miri
  • Indonesia
  • Thailand
  • China
  • Philippines
  • Vietnam

Contact Monroe Consulting Group

Office Phone 1+ 60 3-2771 0310
AddressQ Sentral, Level 27 Unit 27, 10 2A, Jalan Stesen Sentral 2, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Monroe Consulting Group Review
  • Professionalism - 8.3/10
  • Responsiveness - 8.2/10
  • Expertise - 7.8/10

Monroe Consulting Group Review

Monroe Consulting Group is a leading provider of senior human resource capital, specializing in servicing the world’s emerging economies within different industries.

Offered Services:

  • Recruitment Services

Monroe Consulting Group

Miro has been a great partner in my pursuit for a new exciting opportunity with a strategy consulting firm, which fully aligns to my career aspiration and goals. The support Miro provides, especially the preparatory calls before each and every interviews, were very helpful along the recruitment journey. Her knowledge about the prospective role, the hiring managers, and the objective of the interviews were all clearly articulated which gave me confidence whilst preparing for interviews. Her timely and proactive follow-ups and updates kept me well-informed of the progress. At the final stage of the remuneration negotiations, Miro was able to represent the candidate at their best interests whilst staying grounded with the expectations of the employer. I’m really happy with the outcome of the negotiations. Thank you Miro!
Monroe Consulting was incredibly attentive and professional team in recruiting people. The staff who entertain me (Ms Julia) keeping me informed at every step and providing valuable guidance from the day one they approach me, followed by the interview session, until I received the offer letter. Ms Julia really committed to make sure I am presentable and ready before the interview with hiring company. She is really transparent and friendly. I believe she has been well trained by Monroe team. Hence, I highly recommend Monroe Consulting to anyone looking for job placement services.
The best recruitment agency that I experienced in exploring a new job opportunity.

The guidelines and advice have been provided to me from the initial stage of application till the finalization of the offer.

I can give a full recommendation to Julia (the staff of Monroe). She was providing her full commitment and supporting me in the whole process.

The process was going smoothly and I believe both parties are happy to complete the recruitment.

Thanks again to Monroe and I wish all the best to your company.
I cannot express enough gratitude for the exceptional support provided by Charlene throughout my job search journey. From offering valuable guidance for interviews to ensuring clear and prompt communication, Charlene exceeded all expectations. Thanks to her efforts, I am now embarking on an exciting new chapter in my career. I highly recommend Monroe Consulting Group to anyone seeking expert recruitment assistance.
Ms. Miro from Monroe Consulting Group has been an exceptional recruiter throughout my job search journey. Her professionalism, dedication, and attentiveness played a crucial role in helping me secure a job quickly. She understood my skills and aspirations, effectively matching me with the perfect opportunity. I highly recommend Ms. Miro for anyone seeking top-notch recruitment assistance.

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