The Noel Group

The Noel Group

About The Noel Group

The Noel Group is a Dublin based recruitment agency.

The Noel Group Services  


The Noel Group provides recruiting services for the following trades and industries.

  • Accounting & Finance
  • Retail
  • Construction
  • Hospitality
  • Health Care
  • Industrial & Logistics


The Noel Group covers these regions

  • Dublin
  • Limerick
  • Belfast
  • Cork
  • Derry
  • Galway
  • Waterford

Contact The Noel Group

Office Phone 1+353 1 461 0740
AddressSaint Johns House, High St, Tallaght, Dublin 24, D24 N9CA, Ireland
The Noel Group Review
  • Professionalism - 5.2/10
  • Responsiveness - 4.9/10
  • Expertise - 4.5/10

The Noel Group Review

The Noel Group is a Dublin-based recruitment agency.

Offered Services:

  • Recruitment Service

The Noel Group

Was with them a while back, applied for a job as forklift operator, ended up being given a job as order picker(no forklift at all) at minimum wage, figured I'll try to make the best of it, in September I emailed that I'll need 3 weeks of work end of November, early December and at current workplace I was told I have to ask them and so I did, only response I got was "ok", go figure on Monday of3rd week a coworker called me asking where I am, turned it they didn't tell workplace that I'll be away for 3 weeks(for medical reasons), after I explained that I had it scheduled they said they know nothing of it, then they said "ok" is not a response, afterwards they required me to bring them a note from abroad stating that I'm fit to work(in my country there's no such note usually but i got one still, paid to get it translated) and in the end I was not welcome to work there anyway, few months later surprisingly they offered me some work temporary heavy physical work(no forklift still) in city centre Dublin, after first day I told them there's no point for me to do it anymore because it took me 4.5h to get home in peak hour traffic, the girl responded in extremely rude tone "how could it take 4.5h, it's not that far" while I was living outside Kildare village
Went to do the practical side of the manual handling training course Noel Group offer. Very friendly consultant & very helpful in demonstrations!

My review is purely based on staff treatment & completing several courses with Noel Group. I have not worked yet with the group in getting a job & interviews, for that we will have to wait to be able to rate them but 5 stars for training!
Work is not on a regular basis shi h causes major hassle with social welfare! Also one staff member refused to fill out a simple form as she was going on her break which will now cause more delays with social welfare. My son was also left short of 8 hours wages
This place seems very corrupt in every aspect , I had an experience of been offered a job by one of there supposedly friendly clients , only to arrive to a gulag camp, I knew it was going be a low level job but I wasn't expecting to witness a slave camp in my home country of Ireland, Not many of these workers had a word of English language , they looked malnourished and ill, they where all very white middle aged men with starry eyes very similar to the infamous holocaust pictures they all had former soviet accents when talking to each other, They seemed angry and nobody ever held a smile, The place was structured like a prison institution, All the people looked extremely vulnerable and poor. Luckily i only was witness to this for several hours and got the hell out of there. This review is aimed at polish readers don't work for these factory's your ancestors died in similar camps, Do anything for money, just don't do this. I hope this helps someone that may be in a vulnerable position.
I was working at a warehouse they put me in I was fine there for about a year got on great with the staff and other work colleagues around when covid first came out properly they rang me on my way to work to say I wasn't in there anymore and too go to a place in kildare I said that it was too far to go for a job as I'd be spending more money on travel they offered me an extra euro an hour on top of my wages to go to kildare once again said it doesn't make sense for me to go there I'll just have to find something else to which the agent responded "well you do know your not entitled to that covid payment so don't even boder trying to get it" and abruptly hung up I went into the warehouse to collect my belongings from my locker and spoke to the manager who had no idea I was being sent to kildare and wasn't impressed with noel recruitment and rang them on the spot to voice his displeasure I was told to come back after the pandemic and I think I will i won't be using noel recruitments services again trying to string people up during a pandemic shocking stuff

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