Job Seekers and Applicant Tracking System

Bridging The Gap Between Job Seekers and Applicant Tracking System

The whole process of evaluating and reviewing resumes is evolving quite fast. If you happen to be a job seeker, then in today’s world you are bound to adapt to new recruiting trends if you want to get accepted.

Job Seekers and Applicant Tracking System

Job Seekers and Applicant Tracking System

Ever since most of the companies have started using Applicant Tracking Software, job seekers are worried about passing an ATS exam. Little do they know, they can beat an Applicant Tracking System by following its “language” in order to make their application stand out.

How to make an ATS compliant Resume

Below we have enlisted some of the major key points of how qualified candidates can follow a resume format that will help them in passing the pre-screening as well as the screening test of ATS.

Tailor Your Resume to the Job Description

Bridging The Gap Between Job Seekers and Applicant Tracking System

If you are someone who thinks one-size-fits-all resumes are going to land you the job of your dreams, then you are wrong. It no longer works for modern job searches. You need to customize your resume for each job position according to its requirements. For that matter, you can tailor your application headline in order to match the job role. 

Nail Your Keywords

How to Beat Applicant Tracking System

Whether it’s certifications, licenses, skills, software, procedures, responsibilities, etc. you will have to pay close attention to the keywords you add to your resume. Optimize for AtS search and ranking algorithms, for example by googling top 500 resume keywords. 

Increased Usage of Long-Form and Acronym Versions of Keywords

There is a possibility that recruiters and hiring managers are going to search through keywords when they are looking for the ideal candidate. Some Applicant Tracking System software might show the exact word you searched for. For example, if you included the term “Chief Executive Officer” without mentioning its acronym counterpart, your resume will most likely not show up in a recruiter’s search for the word “CEO”.  

Avoid Columns and Tables

It is suggested to avoid using tables and columns in your applications as it can cause parsing errors in the ATS. 

Chronological or Hybrid Resume Format

Chronological Resume Format Best Format for ATS

HR professionals prefer chronological and hybrid resume formats. It is necessary to avoid ATS formatting mistakes like using functional resume format. It does not go well with an applicant tracking system. 

Use Social Media to Gain Maximum Advantage

Job Seekers and Applicant Tracking System

Nail the recruiting process of an ATS by making wise use of social media. Before submitting your resume on any software, go to the company’s LinkedIn page and connect with their employees. Observe their job descriptions along with the description of the company. If you have relevant qualifications and skills, jot them down on your resume. 

Avoid Placing Dates Before Work Experience 

Placing dates right before your work experience is going to confound the robot. You can start with the name of the employer. Then go to your professional title and dates.

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