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Best Remote Employee Monitoring Softwares

What do the employee monitoring software tools do?

Employee monitoring tools act as an asset for companies. The purpose of employee monitoring software is to keep a check on workers’ performance. These tools allow employers to track attendance, measure productivity levels, ensure security, and assess employee behavior.  Employee monitoring software aims at increasing a company’s performance by keeping track of its employees’ activities. 

Whether you run a small or large firm, you will undoubtedly require remote employee monitoring software for your staff. The benefits of using these tools are unlimited. For instance:

  • Improved employee performance
  • Improved data security
  • Enhanced analytics
  • Advanced productivity
  • Reduced administration cost
remote employee monitoring software

Basic Functions of a Good Employee Monitoring Software

Before investing in Employee monitoring software, you might ask yourself “is using employee monitoring software a good idea?” 

This blog will tell you that good employee monitoring software has the potential to take your company to manage its flaws and flourish. All you need to do is find the right kind of software for your organization. 

Below we have mentioned some basic functions or characteristics an efficient employee monitoring software will possess. 

  • Monitor Web Browsing and Application Use: It is important to keep a track of how your employees are using office accessories. For example, office computers, telephones, tablets, etc. A good employee monitoring software makes it easy for you to monitor your staffs’ web browsing and application activities. 
  • Give Insightful Reports: An efficient employee monitoring software provides you with insightful reports. These reports are very helpful as they will give you a detailed review of individual employees at your organization. 
  • Productivity Tracking: If you want to give a boost to the productivity of your company, then make sure to choose the best remote monitoring software. Good remote monitoring software will indicate to you the productivity of your workers in detail. Productivity tracking is essential for all teams to ensure short-term goals are met and milestones are achieved in time. 
  • Reduce Administration Cost: If you invest in efficient remote monitoring software, you will see the difference it creates. Good software reduces your administration cost by handling all administrative tasks on its own. This way, even if you are doing work-from-home, you won’t have to hire a separate administration team to keep a check. 
  • Location Tracking: Good remote employee tracking will definitely offer you this feature. It is important in today’s world as remote working is the new normal. Hence, you need to incorporate software that tracks the location of your employees during office hours. 
remote employee monitoring software

Before we start exploring employee tracking and monitoring tools, Here’s a guide on how to ethically monitor your employees.

Free employee monitoring software

What is better than enjoying the perks of anything for free? At least for a while, right? Below we have shortlisted some free employee monitoring software for you to use. They come with an entry-level price of $0. 

  • Hubstaff: Apart from being free of cost, Hubstaff comes with many qualities. It is an efficient software that works towards streamlined time tracking and management. The results you get from applications, desktops, etc. with Hubstaff are accurate and reliable. Moreover, it can easily integrate with more than apps at a time. 
  • ActivTrak: ActivTrak assists businesses in realizing their full productivity potential. The award-winning workforce analytics and productivity management software gives you professional advice on how to empower people, improve processes, and make the most of technology. 
  • DeskTime: A fully automated time tracking system that has been shown to increase staff productivity by 30% in the first few weeks of use. DeskTime lets you check many things. From how you and your staff spend time online and off to measuring time by project and automatically compute expenditures based on hourly rates. 

Additionally, with this software, you may create bespoke reports for internal use for your customers. As well as schedule employee vacations and time off. 

  • Net Orbit: Apart from being free of cost, Net Orbit comes with some other features as well. It gives you an option of live monitoring, of not just one but multiple users at a time. Moreover, it lets you take computer screenshots and manage the data efficiently.
remote employee monitoring software

Open Source Employee Monitoring Software

You can use it, modify it, and distribute it as you like. Open source employee monitoring software has lower costs and has integrated management. Below we have mentioned employee monitoring software that is open source. 

  • eHour: Organizations use eHour to measure the time their employee used on a specific project. This free time tracking tool is easy to use and gives you accurate results. Moreover, it provides you with multiple features like extensive reporting and configurable localization in many languages. 
  • Kimai: Kimai is a free and open-source employee monitoring software that offers a lot. It is best recognized for accurately processing invoices and timesheets. Kimai is a fantastic open-source software for tracking work times and efficiently exporting that data. It also comes with plugins for increased reach and multi-user capabilities.
  • StaffCounter: This open-source software sticks to GDPR guidelines. StaffCounter makes use of real-time analytics performance and time tracking. This lets you know what your worker is doing on the office computer. Through StaffCounter you can evaluate the productivity and quality of the work. 
remote employee monitoring software

Best Employee Monitoring Software 2021

Here’s a list of some of the Top-rated employee monitoring tools being used by startups to large organizations. 

  • Time Doctor: This software gives you critical insights into how supervisors and workers spend their office hours. This improves their performance as well as productivity. Apart from keeping a record of your attendance, Time Doctor will also tell how much time each employee is spending on a particular project. 

Moreover, it also gives some amazing features.  For example, automated screenshots, chat monitoring, off-task reminders, etc. 

The entry price level of this software is $39 per month.

  • Teramind: Teramind is a user-centric security method to keep track of your employees’ online activities. The software automates the employee data in order to detect suspicious behavior, increase staff productivity, detect potential dangers, track staff efficiency, and maintain industry compliance. We aid in the reduction of security events by providing real-time access to user activity. 

Teramind costs around $10 per person at an entry-level. 

  • Teamvue: When it comes to remote monitoring of employees, Teamvue should be your go-to software for many reasons. It gives live reports and dashboards for managers to check where their workers are currently working and estimate their productivity levels. Moreover, it makes your employee mindful and she/he knows where to spend time. Teamvue costs around $3 per person every month initially. 
  • Workpuls: By using Workpuls, you can conveniently track time automatically. It is a great choice when you have a work-from-home arrangement. As Workpuls lets you monitor the website as well as app activities of your workers. You can schedule your software to capture random screenshots every hour for a detailed report. 

Moreover, it offers an automatic timesheet generator and payroll calculator. Workpuls has different pricing packages. 

The Employee Monitoring Package costs $4.80 per month. The Automatic Time Mapping package costs $12.00 per month. Lastly, the Time Tracking package is $6.40 per month. 

  • Kickidler: It’s a strong tool for automating personnel control, data security, and improving corporate efficiency. Kickidler’s main functions include online computer monitoring, recording, and replaying of employees’ activity histories, efficiency analysis, time tracking, and infraction detection. In addition, Kickidler can be effective for improving internal and remote communications. 

The cost of Kickidler is around $9.99 per month.

  • ProHance: ProHance is a global operations management software that enables you to gain real-time visibility into business operations. ProHance assists you in gaining a holistic perspective of your operations and identifying opportunities for collaboration and efficiency across your Enterprise. It assists you in realizing the full potential of your Human Capital and Digital Investments. By identifying how your teams spend time and how it affects their productivity. 

ProHance offers different packages, but its starting price is $8 per month. 

  • InterGuard: This one is for those companies who want to track the performances of their employees working remotely. Applications, email, Internet searches, social media, website history, files, chats, and printing activity are all monitored by InterGuard. You can set alerts for specific or questionable terms using keystroke logging. You can also employ web filtering to prevent websites or apps from violating your company’s policies.

The Interguard’s pricing starts from $9 per month for a single user.  

remote employee monitoring software

Which Employee Monitoring Software is Best for Remote Working? 

Employee monitoring software is a useful tool for employers who want to ensure that their employees are spending their time at work. Only to complete the duties and tasks that have been given to them, instead of wasting them. 

In today’s world, you need to be very picky when it comes to choosing employee monitoring software for remote working. We have mentioned options for you to consider to make the entire selection process easy for you. 

First of all, you need to find out your priorities. For instance, if you want software for workforce analytics, then ActivTrak is the best option. On the other hand, if security threat protection is your concern, then Teramind should be your choice. So it all matters what you want to track or cover with the help of your employee monitoring software. 

Since we are focusing on the best remote employee monitoring software, then you can pick from InterGuard, Workpuls, and Teamvue. 

By looking at the above comparison of features, and prices:

  •  Teamvue can be your choice if you have a limited budget. It costs around $3 per month and you will get detailed reports on the time-tracking of your clients. It is suitable for smaller teams and start-ups and is budget-friendly. A good deal, no?
  • However, if you are not bound by the budget, Workpuls is the best employee monitoring software. It comes with maximum features that help in enhanced productivity by efficient employee monitoring. It comes with many features and packages at different prices. So you have a lot to choose from under Workpuls.

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